The Federation is aware of the social impact of gaming, and particularly of the risks of online gambling. Consequently, the Federation wants to have an active role in order to ban and limit the risks linked with the following activities:

  • compulsive gambling;
  • underage gambling;
  • fraud, particularly within sporting competitions;
  • money laundering;
  • fixed matches.

The Federation is aware that the responsibility of the implementation of precautionary factors must also be taken on directly by the operators.


Money laundering is defined as capital transfer aimed at concealing the illegal origin of money. The efforts to prevent and eliminate money laundering concern gambling operators, as money laundering professionals have also been working through non-financial entities, and because the effects of the battle fall beyond National borders and require the cooperation among all different Member States.

The Federation is particularly aware of these aspects and is dedicated to the application of the prescriptions required for operators under Directives 2005/60/CE and 2006/70/CE.

Operators compliance with money laundering standard are not only expected to derive from the need to comply with legal obligations, but also because also it is convenient for them to limit their liabilities as well as their potential involvement in money laundering activities.

Therefore, the Federation requires its members to apply money laundering law with the utmost care.

Subscription to the Federation requires operator candidates to provide evidence of the fact that they are not involved in money laundering phenomena, and also requires the strict application of legal prescriptions with particular regard to:

  • Customer due diligence trough an adequate KYC due diligence;
  • Record keeping;
  • Suspicious transactions;
  • Multiple transaction series;
  • Training and privacy.

The Federation shall promote guidelines among the operators, which are aimed to exclude and limit money laundering, particularly for online gambling.


An important area of study of the Federation is the exploration of opportunities for the use and combination of bookmaker data and information in order to identity fixed matches (so-called calcio scommesse) and limit the falsified effects on the gaming market. In fact, from a gaming operator’s perspective, fraud in football is also an unfair competition that entails the lack of the assumption of the player’s risk of loss, which on the contrary is a necessary feature of gambling, and is also potentially dangerous for the reputation of this sector and, obviously, for sports in general. This is a phenomenon that can only be avoided when the stakeholders and any participant in the game act transparently and in cooperation.

The first personal effort required is to refuse any kind of involvement with these practices and any unjust gains deriving from a suspicious matches however, for responsible bookmakers, it is equally necessary to have an active role in monitoring the presence of relevant changes, cross checking these unusual play patterns with data reports, and to alert national institutional bodies as soon as potential crimes are detected.

The creation and maintenance of a transparent gaming sector implies the assumption of the risk of losing as a necessary requirement, which the players must undertake responsibly, without any kind of distortion on odds.

Our Vision

We believe that consumers have the right to choose! The opening up of markets naturally creates benefits for consumers by improving the available offer and creating a more competitive pricing structure, this can only be achieved through regulated competition, many governments, in order to guarantee their own income,ignore the consumer’s right to choose.

Furthermore the right of establishment is an entrepreneurial right according to Articles 49 and 56 of the EU Treaty.

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